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4 General Meeting
9 Free Throw Contest
25 Officers Meeting
30 Pancake Breakfast Setup
31 Pancake Breakfast
1 General Meeting
27 Trivia Night
29 Officers Meeting
7 General Meeting
12 Awards Banquet
19 Tomko Assembly Dinner Dance
29 Officers Meeting
4 General Meeting
25 Officers Meeting
1 Blood Drive
2 General Meeting
7 Pancake Breakfast Setup
8 Pancake Breakfast
31 Officers Meeting
6 General Meeting
27 Officers Meeting

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Free-Throw Contest - Thanks to all the members that came out on Jan 9 to conduct the free-throw contest and to put away the Nativity Scene out in front of Corpus Christi.

Free-Throw Contest 2016 - Doyle Council members watch as one of our contestents takes a throw

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