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All Month - ARC
15-17 State Convention (Pittsburgh)
23-24 Exemplification of the 4th Degree
26 - Officers' Meeting 7:30
31 - Exemplification 1st 12-4PM
1 - General Meeting 7:30
29 - Officers' Meeting 7:30

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Officer Nominations Officer nominations are open - the 2015-2016 FY is approaching. If you are interested in becoming an officer please contact the trustees. Elections will take place in the June meeting.

Star Council Update

We are well on our way to attain Star Council (our second ever), but we do need Insurance Members! Please consider a policy or an annuity which can be had for $300 or $100 for new members. This is a great way to support the Order AND the Church. Plus benefit YOU too. Please contact Joe Grayske at 484-924-844 today!

Fraternally, Mike Covais, DD

ARC Update
Please visit the Signup Genius Site CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

Our totals collected for ARC are as follows: $1628.40
Individual Donations: $1000.00
Dunkin Donuts May 2: $312.00
Towamencin Beverage May 8: $183.87
Towamencin Beverage May 9: $132.53

Thanks, Tim Young, ARC Chairman

2015 Rookie of the Year - Tim Young (A reminder - the ARC campaign is in full swing - See Tim to volunteer!)

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